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Why Do People Read Obituaries?

There are many reasons why people read obituaries.  Most often, people skim obituaries on a daily basis, while others go directly to the content for which they are searching

Obitski shows the top 10 reasons why people read obituaries, as taken by survey:


  1. To see if anyone of their friends have died or have a death in their family
  2. To see the time and place of a funeral
  3. To see if there are any funerals in town that they should attend
  4. To see if any business peers might have died
  5. To see if their name is listed (haha, but there were several that said this)
  6. To see if anyone from their old school has died
  7. To see how busy the competition is (a lot of funeral directors responded in the survey)
  8. Realtors, estate sales, & remodelers all spoke of looking for leads
  9. Doctors and doctor’s office employees look for patients
  10. To see if someone they don’t like has died (this is sad!)
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